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 Hello, it’s me. How have you been these last few months? I know its been a while!

I haven’t blogged since this past April (5 months have flown by and I regret not having the time to catch you up now – such is life) and I hadn’t planned to today either until I saw a short YouTube video last night and I felt compelled to share a few words and thoughts. Who knows, maybe this is the spark I needed to get back on my once-a-week usually on Sunday afternoons blogging horse. Maybe the 2-3 of you out there who read my ramblings will begin to find joy in your life once again or maybe I’ll just remain on a perpetual one man island out in the vastness that is called cyberspace or maybe……..

I’m sure you can agree with me based on the subjects listed in the post title, that these have and will always be very divisive topics and even much more so in a presidential election year. I know, I know, politics and religion are not very kosher subjects to talk about to most people. The beliefs on these subjects are often very deep seeded, the opinions run hot and the arguments often times overflow into a full-fledged anger at the opposite human being in your presence that is obviously not as well-informed and definitely not nearly as smart as you are. It’s a good thing those types of people don’ t read this blog;-).

For the record, I don’t have an official party affiliation. I would personally tend to lean more to a Libertarian or Constitutionalist political philosophy that advocates “maximum freedom, minimum government” in our present times, and though this political philosophy has been on the rise in American politics for the past few decades, it still primarily comes down to the Big 2 (Democratic & Republican). As my grandpa says “Don’t waste your vote on someone who you know will not get elected and by default add a vote to the person you like the least” or something like that. Ultimately though, I’m waiting for the Theocracy that will be coming in the future and will completely eradicate the biased, self-serving and greedy political systems of the world. Who will be in charge of this Theocracy? Well, the King of Kings of course – King Yeshua HaMashiach (Jesus the Messiah)!

It was a untelevised Democratic National Convention platform vote on whether or not to include “God” and “Jerusalem as the undivided capital of Israel” that prompted me to write this post. The event happened in the late afternoon on Wednesday, hours before the primetime speech of former President Bill Clinton that would be broadcast to millions. Apparently, President Obama and his counselors thought it would be best to add the “God’ and “Jerusalem as the undivided capital of Israel” verbage back into its party platform for this very close election year. Afterall, you wouldn’t want to offend or even worse, lose a vote from many of the nation’s majority of religious voters or the powerful minority of Jewish voters. I had heard about this controversy in the news and read a few articles on the matter over the past few days but I didn’t watch the video until last night and the predominate idea and question of this blog struck me.

If you are a man or woman of faith in the God of the Bible and you believe in its admonition to support Israel and to pray for the peace of Jerusalem in some form or fashion then it should be at the very least concerning if not disturbing to hear the response of half of the Democratic party’s faithful at the convention so vocally against adding “God” and maybe even more so against adding “Jerusalem as the undivided capital of Israel” part. To be clear, there are obviously many of those who affiliate with the Democratic party who do have an immense faith in God and support Israel and Jerusalem as her undivided capital. As for me, in my hot political and religious opinion, I could not support a party if my and my other party cohort’s zeal for the God of the Bible and her people Israel only made my party’s zeal for the same religious values only lukewarm at best. As most of us are aware of, lukewarm is not a good place to be in relation to God or Jerusalem.

May grace and shalom be multiplied upon you in the name of Yeshua the Messiah, on this election year and always!

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