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Holidays: Happy Purim!

Last night we had a Purim party with some friends of ours who live close by. We both have children around the same ages (1-5) so it makes it nice for all the adults to be in the same mind-set and not have wildly different expectations on how the night might go. There is always plenty of screaming (happy and sad), running, falling, food and drink spills, bathroom breaks, dirty diapers and parents asking children to calm down over and over and over and ………you get it, right? We did have a good time though. The Rockwoods are always very gracious and hospital guest’s (great food, Haman hat’s, festive cake and lot’s of wine, come on it’s a holiday!). After dinner, we capped off the night by appropriately watching One Night with the King which is a great movie version of Esther that balances just enough history, suspense and drama for the guys and a great love story woven throughout for the ladies. Tonight we will close out the holiday with a rousing reading of Esther and ponder on what it means for each of us to have “come to the Kingdom for such a time as this” Esther 4:13

For more on Purim: Read your Bible – specifically Esther



Hello world!

So here we go! I have officially entered the blogosphere. This is something I’ve been thinking about doing for a while but lacked the capability and/or conviction until recently. I was inspired by a fellow blogger’s post about the Jewish Book of the Month Club (J-BOM) and the chance to read through a different Jewish book each month beginning in March with review’s, feedback and comments from the online J-BOM community. The books will range from Historical and Contextual Biblical commentary to laid back and easy summer fiction. I felt this would be a fun, inspiring and challenging exercise in an area of thought that I probably wouldn’t choose or even know to and in one that I’m most deficient in. March’s J-BOM selection: The JPS Commentary on the Haggadah – Just in time for Passover!